Certificates of Commendation

Excellence Awards 2011


An external stakeholder (such as a business or member of the community) that has demonstrated excellent support to the Service.


Daniel Pereira and Jamie Wathen, for their enthusiasm and diligence while working with the community safety team. During their six month work placement as part of the Future Jobs Fund project, Daniel and Jamie were tasked with a broad range of work to contribute to the community safety group plan. Both came directly from an educational establishment into a uniformed organisation and adapted to each new challenge with gusto, mastering many of their personal challenges.  

Network Rail's Alan White and Chris Keylock, for their cooperation in providing a training solution to a rail line near miss near Ely. Despite a host of challenges, Alan and Chris helped the Service run a joint training exercise to test each agency's emergency response procedures within a realistic environment. Their support and enthusiasm has provided potentially life saving training as well as an opportunity for future partnership working.