Students find out how to be independent, but safe

06 May 2009

Firefighters held a safety day for students at Peterborough Regional College last Thursday.

The day was held at the college in Park Crescent, Peterborough with the aim of equipping students with the skills and information they need to be able to independent, but safe - both in their own homes and on the roads. The day was run in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council's Road Safety Team and also Peterborough City Council.
Steve Duffy, Watch Manager for Dogsthorpe Fire Station, said: "The students are aged 18 to 21. Many have only just started to learn how to drive and to live on their own, away from parents. Others will be doing so in the next couple of years.
"With this new found independence, comes responsibility - in this case being responsible for their own safety. We will be running a day long programme of events at the college, designed to make the students think about how best to keep themselves safe.
"Translators from the college will also be in attendance on the day to ensure that all students are able to follow the events and to pick up fire and road safety advice."
Students attended a number of hard-hitting presentations by firefighters on safety in the home, with particular attention paid to smoking in the home, cooking while tired, the importance of having a smoke alarm and what to do if a fire occurs.

Firefighters also put on a road traffic collision demonstration in which students watched as one of their peers was cut out of a car in the college grounds by crews. Firefighters used this as the backdrop of a talk about the dangers of speeding, driving under the influence of drink and drugs and the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

A driving simulator was available for students to get a feel of what it is like to drive. They were then asked to put on specially designed 'beer goggles' so they could experience first hand the dangers of driving drunk. This activity was supported by both Cambridgeshire County Council's road safety team and Peterborough City Council.

Finally, firefighters gave a talk to students about careers available in the fire service.