Phil Adams

Local Fire Station: St Neots

I work as a health and safety consultant and trainer across the UK and have 12 years of consultancy experience relating to fire safety, from risk assessing to training. Safety is what I do and joining the Community Champion scheme supports what I do whilst at work.

As a health and safety professional I’m keen to pass on my knowledge and experience, especially where it could save a life. Unfortunately due to work commitments I’m unable to take a retained position with Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service, so this was naturally the next step for me.

I am still very new to the role, so I’m looking out for the experiences as I spend more time working with the community.

I have lots of hobbies, but took up running a few years a go and have completed the London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Paris and Copenhagen Marathons for a number of charities. In my personal life I have lots of proud moments and sporting achievements, but becoming a father for the first time is something that is very special indeed to me.