Primary Authority Scheme: Cut costs, save time and benefit your business today

Cut red tape and support your own economic growth as a business through improved local regulation by joining our Primary Authority Scheme.

If you own, manage or operate a business, charity or other organisation, you are required to comply with the fire safety laws. The main piece of legislation for businesses is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 - which applies across England and Wales.

Since 6 April 2014 fire and rescue services in England and Wales have been able to enter into partnerships with businesses, charities or other organisations which operate across more than one local authority fire enforcement area - becoming their single point of contact for fire safety regulation advice.

The aim of the Primary Authority Partnership scheme is for fire and rescue services to develop effective partnerships with businesses that achieve a national consistency in delivering fire safety enforcement advice. Primary Authority partnerships can benefit businesses with premises in a number of local authority areas. You can choose which fire and rescue service that you would like to enter into a Primary Authority Scheme with; it doesn’t have to be the one nearest to your head office or in the county where you have the greatest number of outlets. 

By joining the scheme your business can benefit from the strong relationships offered by involvement with the regulatory bodies, giving you access to focused information for your business and giving us an understanding of the work your business does to resolve minor issues promptly and effectively for you regarding regulation.

What are the benefits to my business?

  • Reduce the costs of compliance with regulations;
  • Reduce the risk of a major breach of compliance;
  • Reduce costs associated with failure to comply with regulations;
  • Consistent, assured fire safety advice to your business - across all sites;
  • Advice and guidance to avoid legislative action taken against the business;
  • Support with decision making and liaison.

Cambridgeshire Business Hub:

As well as offering our own Primary Authority Partnership Scheme, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service have also taken on a joint venture along with Cambridgeshire County Council (Trading Standards) and South Cambridgeshire District Council to provide Primary Authority Assured advice across the three partner agencies by way of a single point of contact approach.

To speak to one of our Fire Protection team and find out more about the benefits of joining, please contact