This page contains a list of documents and resources that we make available for public consumption.  Some of these documents we are obliged to publish, others we make available because we know there is public interest in them and some we just like to share.  You can find information relating to anything from finance and the Fire Authority to our various Equality documents and our plans for improving our service.   If there is information you would like to know that is not listed below or has not been made available elsewhere on our website, you can make an enquiry or a request under the Freedom of Information Act from our Contact us page.


Brief table of contents:

  • Annual Report
  • Operational Assessment Peer Review report
  • Blueprint
  • Corporate Priorities for 2013/14
  • Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP)
  • Prevention Strategy 2010-2015
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Privacy Policy
  • Equality and Inclusion Strategy
  • Equality and Inclusion Annual Report
  • Diversity Peer Challenge Report 
  • Environmental Strategy
  • Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
  • Special reports


Annual Report

The report covers the financial year 2013-2014 and outlines whether we met our targets and how we spent your money in delivering priority services.

This is an electronic public document that looks back at the previous year to see how we performed, and sets out the priorities and business development projects we will deliver in the coming year to to further improve the quality of service provision and to further reduce the level of risk in the community.

Previous Annual Reports


Operational Assessment (Op/A) Peer Review report

The Op/A is the Service's self assessment into the delivery of frontline services. The assessment is challenged by a team of peers from other fire and rescue services to ensure that it is an accurate representation of our improvements, that we are aware of the areas we need to improve and that we have plans in place to make these improvements.

The last peer review took place in September 2014. The full report is available below:



The Service no longer produces a Corporate Plan, but has developed a 5 year rolling Blueprint which provides a statement of the outcomes that stakeholders can expect from the Service at the end of each of the following five years, towards achieving excellence in the four areas of the vision.

From this the business development projects, the strategic priorities and top-level targets are identified.

The Blueprint is refreshed annually, with consultation with staff, community and partner organisations being an important element of this.  Every three years Senior Management Team undertake a full refresh of the Blueprint.


Corporate Priorities

Three Corporate Priorities have been assigned for 2014/15


Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP)

Every Fire and Rescue Service is required - under the Fire and Rescue Service National Framework - to produce an IRMP. This is essentially a document that assesses all of the risks in the local area in relation to fire and other emergencies the fire service responds to, and discusses what we will do to reduce the risks in the areas we deem are a high priority.

It also assesses our performance over the last five years (up to 2008) in key areas such as the number of fires we have attended, the number of deaths and injuries and the number of accidental house fires, and sets targets for how we aim to improve further.

We have consulted widely on this document and, following this, comments have been taken into consideration in producing the final version:


Prevention Strategy 2010-15

Linked to the IRMP is the Prevention Strategy which sets out how we aim to improve community safety over the next five years as we aim for community safety excellence.

You can download a summary of the main aims or access the whole strategy:


 Operational Response Strategy 2010-15

The Service has a vision of a safe community where there are no preventable deaths or injuries in fires or other emergencies. The Service will constantly work towards achieving this vision by continuously assessing the risks that our communities face and mitigating them through a combination of prevention, protection and response strategies. This will improve community safety while also ensuring the safety of firefighters. This strategy is the enabler to the service achieving its aim of Operational Excellence.  

 Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan (AMP) identifies the key strategic policy and resource influences affecting Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, and in response to these sets a broad direction for asset management over the medium term enabling its property portfolio (and associated professional support) to be optimised to meet identified needs. It facilitates rational property decision making based on identified service priorities.


Privacy Policy


Equality and Inclusion strategy 2011-14

Our commitment to equality and diversity applies to the working environment for Service employees as well as to the wider community.  We want every employee to feel valued, be respected and able to give of their best.  Our strategy on Equality and Inclusion aims to ensure that all service employees have equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment whatever their role in the organisation.


Equality and Inclusion Annual Report 2011-12

This report covers the year 2011 - 2012 and provides information about how we meet the Public Service Equality Duty as required by Equality Act 2010. It provides quantitative and qualitative information about how our services impact on different groups in the community; the diversity of our workforce and the outcomes of our equality analyses. 


Diversity Peer Challenge Report

This report is a summary of the findings of a Diversity Peer Challenge organised by the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) and carried out by its trained peers in July 2009.

Environmental Strategy


Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides the general right of access to information which we hold, subject to a number of exemptions, such as where the information is personal information, which is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, or where the cost of providing the information exceeds a certain limit.

Our Publication Scheme lists the information which we make available routinely, but for any information not listed here, you can make a request for information.


East of England Regional Management Board audit notice

Each year the Regional Management Board's annual return is audited by an auditor appointed by the Audit Commission. Any person interested has the opportunity to inspect and make copies of the annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts etc relating to them. This document contains further details and instructions for requesting the annual return.

Special reports

Water hazards

This report was produced by Dr John Ash, who was commissioned by the Senior Management Team to undertake a research project around water rescue. The project was commissioned to provide senior officers with information to enable them to review the Service's policies and existing water rescue capability.

It is the second report Dr Ash has completed for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service. His first, in 2003, was a study of dynamic risk management by incident commanders, with special reference to incidents with high victim allegiance.