Our partnership work with road safety

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership

Logo of the CPRSP.

The Partnership (CPRSP) is a public sector initiative formed in April 2007 to provide a single point of contact for the provision of road safety work and information.

We have contributed to road safety partnership working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough for many years, and are now represented on the Strategic Management Board of the CPRSP.

This partnership benefits local communities, businesses and media because access to advice and information has been centralised and the skills and knowledge of all organisations have been brought under one roof.

As well as being actively involved in the CPRSP, we are driven by the road safety partnership plans and therefore proactive in delivering road safety education. For more information about our educational work, including some of the initiatives mentioned above, please see our 16+ education section.

How to contact the Partnership

To contact the CPRSP coordinator, please email Lyn.Hesse@cambridgeshire.gov.uk at Cambridgeshire County Council, or telephone him on 01480 375 470.

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