Our partnership work with road safety

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership

Logo of the CPRSP.

The Partnership (CPRSP) is a public sector initiative formed in April 2007 to provide a single point of contact for the provision of road safety work and information.

We have contributed to road safety partnership working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough for many years, and are now represented on the Strategic Management Board of the CPRSP.

This partnership benefits local communities, businesses and media because access to advice and information has been centralised and the skills and knowledge of all organisations have been brought under one roof.

Our campaign work

As well as being actively involved in the CPRSP, we are also proactive in delivering road safety education and generating publicity.

The current initiatives we are involved in include:

  • The 'For My Girlfriend' campaign - road safety officers in the Eastern Region developed this campaign to target young male drivers aged 17-25 years.  Regional research into young people's driving showed that the prospect of killing or injuring someone they loved, for instance a girlfriend or boyfriend, was what would most deter them from driving too fast.
  • The Fen River Roads publicity campaign - incidents involving submerged vehicles as a result of cars running off the road are thankfully rare, although there are a small but worrying number in Cambridgeshire each year. The Fen River Roads publicity campaign was launched to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of dangerous and irresponsible driving. In October 2007, Huntingdon fire station hosted an event demonstrating the difficulty of escaping from a vehicle.  Fire officers showed the use of emergency hammers (also called 'life hammers') and recommended that drivers carry them in their cars should they ever need to escape. Similar events have been held at Wisbech fire station for young drivers.
  • Firefighters continue to be heavily involved with local Young Driver Events.  These events are usually based around a demonstration of the extrication techniques used at the scene of a serious collision, and an explanation of the ongoing consequences of collisions.
  • Local initiatives - firefighters also stage their own seasonal initiatives to promote safer driving, for example to encourage people not to drink and drive in the run up to the Christmas and New Year period.

For more information about our educational work, including some of the initiatives mentioned above, please see our 16+ education section.

How to contact the Partnership

To contact the CPRSP coordinator, please email Lyn.Hesse@cambridgeshire.gov.uk at Cambridgeshire County Council, or telephone him on 01480 375 470.

At the time of writing, a website for the CPRSP is under development.  A link will be posted on this page once development is complete and we know the web address.

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