Safer Peterborough Partnership: “Peterborough Together: Building cohesive, safe and confident communities and reducing crime”

The Safer Peterborough Partnership (SPP) is Peterborough’s community safety partnership which is made up of a number of statutory and non-statutory organisations who are collectively responsible for reducing crime and disorder, combatting the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances, and reducing reoffending. The partnership is staffed by a team made up of Fire Service, Police, Council and Prison staff working alongside a number of other cooperating authorities including: Housing associations, Criminal Justice bodies and Not-for-Profit organisations.

The Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES), which reports to the SPP, is a unique partnership model whereby the Fire Service together with the Police and Council are responsible for directing the Community Safety work of other agencies. Starting in April 2016 and working collaboratively with a mixed line-management structure, it gives the potential for staff focused on specific legislation and enforcement powers to become multi-disciplined and enforce across a range of issues, making services more efficient and responsive. The service consists of approximately 130 officers from across the agencies, and will be split into three geographical areas across the city (Eastern/ Northern/ Southern).

All staff will have access to community accredited powers, including being able to issue penalty notices for offences such as disorderly behaviour or street drinking, and where required will wear uniform to maximise visibility. They will also be equipped with radios to enable quick and efficient communication and gain information promptly from systems such as the Police National Computer.

The PES has priority areas it looks to address which include:

  1. Road Safety;
  2. Crime reduction and prevention;
  3. Anti-social behaviour;
  4. Neighbourhood policing;
  5. Drugs and Alcohol referral;
  6. Safer Schools and;
  7. Parking enforcement.

The PES has already made significant progress in improving both community safety and statutory body relationships with Peterborough residents. Reported crime has fallen ahead of the national average through the work of the partnership placing a focus on an integrated way of working and co-ordinated activity around people and places with a high risk of offending.

Joint Head of Service for the Safer Peterborough Partnership, Karl Bowden said,

“We have made incredible progress to date and the partnership is having a real positive impact on networks we have established within Peterborough’s communities as well as strengthening our relationships with other services. The Service brings a huge amount to the partnership including both excellent leadership and management capacity but also, experience in delivering prevention activities, which is one key area we are looking to progress in the SPP.

However going forward, there is still much to do. Despite progress made, the City still falls within the bottom quartile of offences per thousand of population nationally and there is a significant variation between actual crime levels and the perception of crime amongst the city’s residents so we have a lot of development planned going forward to look at how we tackle ongoing issues and address new ones by the most effective means to show partners and communities in Peterborough how we can support them and help build safe and secure communities through this partnership.”