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building control plans

Planning and Building Control

We assess planning applications for both domestic and commercial premises and request adequate provisions be made for water supplies for firefighting purposes through a planning condition or a Section 106 agreement, where necessary. 

The number, location and nature of water supplies (e.g. fire hydrants, water tank or open water supplies) will be determined by CFRS following a risk assessment in consultation with relevant guidance documents. 

If a planning condition has been imposed with regards to water supplies for firefighting purposes, the land owner should consult with the water and planning manager at CFRS. 

Observations are also made regarding fire engine vehicle access where there may be issues that are later enforceable under building regulations. 

To support safe, sustainable and functional developments, CFRS has produced the Building Safe: Design Out Fire guidance document, which considers the three key phases of any development:

  • Concept and planning
  • Construction and transition
  • Completion and communities

The aim of the document is to assists planners, developers and building control bodies with its vision to support growth and development. It also provides vital information on the access facilities and equipment required and recommended by CFRS. 

Building Regulations 

If you intend to carry out building work, you may need to ensure the works comply with the Building Regulations 2010. The regulations will probably apply if you want to:

  • Erect a new building.
  • Extend or alter the internal/external layout of an existing building.
  • Provide services and/or fittings in a building such as washing and sanitary facilities, hot water cylinders, foul water and rainwater drainage, replacement windows, and fuel burning appliances of any type.
  • Alter the fundamental use of the building (e.g. convert office to hotel). 

The local authority building control department or approved inspector is the lead authority and responsible for ensuring compliance with the building regulations. 

If the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) applies to the premises or will apply following the building work, it is a legal requirement that the building control body must consult with CFRS. The FSO applies to nearly all non-domestic premises, but excludes premises occupied as a single private dwelling. 

If there are any concerns surrounding fire safety and/or operational response for your scheme, CFRS encourages consultation at the earliest opportunity and prior to any formal application submission. 

Visit the Government Planning Portal website for further information on planning and building regulations.