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fire engines

Automatic fire alarm response

From 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, a fire engine is not sent to check a fire alarm activating unless a fire can be confirmed (via a call to 999).

During the evenings and weekends, we continue to attend all fire alarm activations.

Buildings exempt from the changes include those with a threat to life or of historical importance, including, but not limited to: hospitals, residential care, flats above four storey and houses in multiple occupation.

Why does CFRS not attend the majority of AFAs?

98 per cent of all fire alarms, prior to 2013, attended by CFRS turn out to be false alarms. These calls delay us in reaching other emergency incidents such as confirmed fires or road traffic collisions.

What happens if there is a fire at my business?

If it's between 9am to 5pm on a Monday to Friday, then dial 999 without delay. If it is outside of these hours then there is no change.