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New Recruits Course

Suitable applicants will be required to undertake a Firefighter Phase one basic training course, which comprises of either an intense or a 10 week course held at training centre in Huntingdon.

The training is intense, thorough and includes theoretical lectures as well as practical exercises. There are three milestone assessments that must be completed in order to continue with the course. Successful recruits will go on to become an on-call firefighter in development.

This training period will equip you with the core skills required to operate safely as a firefighter within Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service.


Day 1 - Induction and introduction to the organisation learn the ranks of officers. An overview of the course and what is expected of you will be explained. IOSH Working Safely input.

You will also be issued with your own iPad as a learning aid for independent learning. You will be issued with your PPE and immediately start your training.

Week 1-3 - Firecraft: During these sessions you will be taught running out hoses, operating pumps, pitching ladders, and learn how to tie fire service knots. Learn the commands that will be used throughout your training. Learn where all the equipment is stowed on an appliance. Your progress is carefully monitored and assessed.

Week 4-6 - Specialist Skills: During these sessions you will be taught working at height, water rescue, animal rescue, first aid and road traffic collision (RTC) procedures. These sessions will involve theoretical and practical skills, from working at the head of a ladder to understanding trauma care and CPR, take on new skills at water related and animal rescue incidents. You will also learn how you use hydraulic cutting equipment safely during RTC scenarios. There are no assessments for these sessions however progress and ability is still carefully monitored.

Week 7-9 - During these weeks you will undertake safety critical training, the use of Breathing Apparatus sets (BA), and you will be trained how to operate a BA set. How to firefight search and rescue in hostile conditions. These skills gained are essential for firefighters to operate safely in risk areas. An assessment at the end of BA week needs to be completed successfully.

Week 10 - This will consolidate all your skills learnt over the entire period. You will need to demonstrate your skills gained for the final time in order to attend the Passout parade. Where your family and friends are able to attend and view you undertake drills and enjoy refreshments after receiving your certificate of completion of Phase One basic training. 

The Next New Recruits Course date is Monday 23 May 2022.

Full daytime training at the Training Centre, 08:30 – 17:30. All other training will take place during the evenings normally between 18:30 – 21:30 hours.


1 08:30 Induction & IOSH Working Safely
1 18:30 Firecraft
1 18:30 Firecraft
2 18:30 Firecraft
2 18:30 Firecraft
3 08:30 Firecraft Week
4 18:30 Firecraft
4 18:30 Working at Height
5 18:30 Water + Animal Rescue
5 08:30 First Aid
6 18:30 Firecraft
6 08:30 Road Traffic Collision
7 18:30 Breathing Apparatus
7 18:30 Breathing Apparatus
8 18:30 Breathing Apparatus
8 18:30 Breathing Apparatus
9 08:30 Breathing Apparatus Week
10 18:30 Breathing Apparatus
10 18:30 Firecraft
10 08:30 Assessments