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Fire Authority seeking extra £1.41 per Band D a year in council tax

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority is proposing a two per cent increase to the fire service’s proportion of council tax for 2020/21. This equates to an extra £1.41 a year for a Band D property, totalling £72.15 a year or £1.38 a week.

This is the most the Fire Authority is allowed to ask for due to capping restrictions. The Fire Authority’s government grant for 2020/21 is remaining the same as this year so the small council tax increase will only cover inflation costs. This will enable the Fire Authority to maintain the current service but will not allow for any growth or additional investment.

Chairman of the Fire Authority Kevin Reynolds explained: “Protecting the frontline is vitally important to us but it becomes more challenging each year with additional financial pressures. We do everything we can to keep the precept we set as low as possible and this is demonstrated by the fact we are one of the lowest cost fire and rescue services in the country and we have a strong track record of identifying ways in which we can be more cost effective to either plug funding gaps or reinvest back into the Service to help us continue to improve. However, with real term cuts year on year it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep finding the shortfall each year and we have less money to continue to improve the services we offer to the public.

“A small increase in council tax this year will at least allow us to continue as we are and maintain our current level of service. However, it will not allow for any additional investment or growth.”

The Fire Authority would like to know if you support this proposal. Please click here to have your say:

You can also email, use the feedback form on the website, comment on Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service’s social media channels or ring 01480 444500 between 8.30am and 5pm to share your thoughts.