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Public asked for views on fire service future plan

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service has published its draft plan for the next five years and is seeking feedback from local residents and business owners before the plan is finalised.

The Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) will go live in April and looks at different risks across the county, what impact they could have and what the Service plans to do to manage them. It also looks at opportunities the fire service will take advantage of to improve and sets out what activities it will focus on over the next five years to keep people safe, prevent fires and other emergencies and respond to incidents.

Chief Fire Officer Chris Strickland explained: “As society and technologies change, develop and grow, we must ensure that we change too, to adapt to different risks that emerge and ensure that we have our resources in the right places to best deliver our full range of services.

“To write this plan, we carried out a review of many areas to identify potential risks, including historical incident data, housing growth, new census data (2021), national risks and climate change forecasts. We also carried out an extensive engagement exercise with members of the public, generating more than 1,000 responses. The plan has taken into account the analysis and feedback and sets out our objectives for the next few years.”

Chris added: “We are now asking people to review the plan and complete the survey to feedback their thoughts, particularly on how easy the document is to understand and whether people think it focuses our time and resources in the right areas to keep people safe, prevent fires and other emergencies and respond to incidents as quickly and effectively as possible.”

The Service reports on progress against its CRMP action plan quarterly to the Fire Authority. These papers are public documents and can be found in the Fire Authority section of the Service's website.

The CRMP 2024-2029 full document, summary and feedback form can be found in the Consultation section of the website.