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firefighters taking part in training exercise

Emergency planning

We are a category 1 responder and as such we are obliged by law - in particular by the Civil Contingencies Act - to work together with other agencies to plan multi-agency responses to major incidents.  Part of this work involves carrying out risk assessments for all eventualities and producing emergency plans that must be tested and continually updated.  These assessments must be available for public access and can by found on the Community Risk Register website.

We undertake regular exercises to test the plans and ensure we act on any learning points. Key partners include the police, ambulance, the county council, local authorities and the Environment Agency.

To ensure the work is coordinated and meets the required expectations and standards, each organisation is represented on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Resilience Forum which meets four times a year. A number of workstreams exist that sit under this board looking at specific areas of the Civil Contingencies Act.