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A road traffic collision

What to do if you are involved in, or stop to give assistance after a road traffic incident?

  • Use your hazard warning lights to warn other traffic.
  • Ask drivers to switch off their engines and stop smoking.
  • Arrange for the emergency services to be called immediately with full details of the accident location, any casualties and if they are trapped (on a motorway, use an emergency telephone situated on the hard shoulder as these provide an exact location for emergency services. If you use a mobile phone, first make sure you have identified your location from the marker posts on the side of the hard shoulder).
  • Move uninjured people away from the vehicles to safety - on a motorway this should, if possible, be well away from the traffic, the hard shoulder and the central reservation.
  • Do not move injured people from their vehicles unless they are in immediate danger from fire or explosion.
  • Do not remove a motorcyclist's helmet unless it is essential to do so.
  • Be prepared to give first aid.
  • Stay at the scene until emergency services arrive.