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Someone in trouble in water

Stay safe in and around Cambridgeshire's waterways

  • Before you jump in to a river, lake or any waterway, stop and think of the dangers.
  • Hazards lie beneath the water including a fast current, rocks, tree roots and vegetation.
  • Even if the sun is shining, the waterways will still be cold.

What to do if you see someone in trouble

  • Do not hesitate - call 999 immediately with clear details of your location.
  • Send someone to the nearest road to flag down the emergency services when they arrive and direct them to the incident
  • Find the nearest life ring and throw it to the person. If a life ring is not available, throw in anything that could help them float, for example, a football.
  • If someone goes under the water, mark on the water’s edge the place they were last seen with something like a piece of clothing.