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Emergencies can happen anywhere, from a road collision in the middle of the countryside, to someone in trouble in a river, to an incident outside a shopping centre, which could have a number of different entrances.

In these situations, identifying precisely where help is needed is critical – and this can be near impossible if you are in an area with no address or if that address isn’t good enough to describe exactly where you are.

Our Combined Fire Control can take three word addresses from the what3words app.

For those who don’t already use the app, CFRS emergency call handlers can also send a text message that contains a link to the what3words browser map site, where they can see their location and read the corresponding three word address.  

In either instance, these three words can then be used by the Control Room to identify the precise location and direct fire crews to exactly where help is required.

Take a look at the what3words map.