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variety of LPG Cylinders

LPG cylinders

Staying safe with cylinders

  • If you are caravanning or camping, store your gas cylinders outside, away from caravans/tents/vehicles and protected from frost and direct sunlight 
  • When storing cylinders on a boat, ensure they are either secured on deck, or placed in a properly designed and ventilated container above the water line
  • Before going to bed or leaving the caravan or boat, turn off all appliances
  • Turn off gas cylinders unless appliances (such as the fridge) are designed to run continuously 
  • Never use a cooker or heater while a camper or caravan is moving 
  • Always ensure gas cylinders have adequate ventilation
  • Store and install cylinders in an upright position
  • Be careful when changing cylinders. Make sure the valve on the (completely) empty cylinder is turned off before disconnecting, and do not turn on the valve of the full cylinder until it is securely connected
  • If you suspect a leak, turn off all appliances and the main cylinder valve. Open all doors and windows, do not smoke, and do not operate electrical switches. Speak to the warden or site manager and seek specialist advice
  • In the event of a fire, turn off the main gas cylinder (only if you can get to it safely) and get everyone out straight away.