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Educational materials for children and young people

Looking for some learning content?

For educational resources for children, visit StayWise a national website which is government funded to provide young people with all the relevant safety messages needed for all emergency services, and even includes lesson plans.

Find out more about visits to fire stations and educational settings.


Firefighter Jet

A series of stories about Firefighter Jet written by our very own Community Safety Coordinator, Odette Tattersall!


Fire Safety

Hear the story of how Jet the dragon became a firefighter and learnt about fire safety.

If you'd like to make it educational, you can follow our home learning guidance document here:


Water Safety

Jet's next adventure involves a rescue from water. You can view it below:

Here is the educational guidance: 


Beach Safety

Jet's beach visit doesn't quite go to plan, hear her story to learn about staying safe at the beach. 

Halloween Safety

Jet has a Halloween fright, watch below to learn how to celebrate Halloween safely.