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Our Inspection Report

The Government commissions His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services to inspect all 44 fire and rescue services every couple of years. The inspection looks at 11 areas around effectiveness, efficiency and how well we look after our people. Other themed inspections can also be carried out, for example we had a themed inspection during Covid to see how we were responding.

Gradings are given for each of the 11 areas. In 2023 the scoring system was amended and so inspection scores cannot be compared between reports.

There are now four gradings – Outstanding, Good, Adequate, Requires Improvement and Inadequate (previously there was no Adequate).

You can find links to our inspection reports below.

Further information about the HMICFRS can be found on their website.​

2023 inspection

We were inspected in Spring 2023 and our report was published in August 2023.

We scored one Outstanding, six Goods, three Adequates and one Requires Improvement.

In addition, innovative and promising practice was also identified with our sustainability strategy, involvement of external assessors in recruitment of wholetime firefighters, our fitness equipment for firefighters and menopause and maternity provisions. We were also highlighted for being a neurodiversity friendly employer and having a ‘positive working culture where staff feel valued and listened to’.

Read the full HMICFRS 2023 report

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2021 inspection

We were inspected in the Spring of 2021 and received our outcome in December 2021. We scored 10 Goods (there wasn’t an Adequate grading at the time) and one Requires Improvement putting us among the best performing fire and rescue services.

Inspectors found that overall we are doing a good job, that we are effective and efficient at keeping people safe and secure from fire, and we look after our people well.

It recognised that we prioritise the physical and mental health and wellbeing of our staff and it was pleasing to read that colleagues from all levels of the organisation told the inspection team that it is a great place to work.

The report also recognised our investment in continuous improvement. The inspection team found marked improvements since its last inspection, notably in how we respond to and learn from operational incidents, share risk information with other fire and rescue services and partners, and evaluate our prevention and protection activities.

Read the full HMICFRS 2021 report

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2018 inspection

In our first inspection in 2018, we achieved 11 Goods.

Read our 2018 HMICFRS report

Thematic Inspections

Read our Covid thematic inspection report