Fire Control

What is a Firefighter (Control)?

We can offer you a satisfying, exciting and varied career as a Firefighter (control). The role of the fire service has changed considerably in the last five years and the role of the Firefighter (control) has had to change to reflect the new demands made on the Service.  Firefighters (control) no longer just answer emergency calls and mobilise fire engines, but take an active part in resolving incidents by the use of specialised call handling techniques.

Fire Control mobilises fire engines and other resources to incidents using a computerised command and control systems linked to all fire stations. Calls to fires are just a small part of the work though. Firefighters (control) take calls to all types of emergencies, which could be any type of major or minor incident - road, rail or air crashes, floods, chemical spills, or people trapped in lifts or other confined spaces. They may also need to be able to give life-saving advice over the telephone to people who might be frightened, distressed and panicked.

Many other roles are performed by Fire Control - for example liaison between fire officers and other Service support groups, and contact with other agencies and local authorities.

For more information please see the firefighter (control) job description.