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Dealing with emergencies

Technology obviously plays a major role in helping Emergency Call Handlers to answer emergency calls as efficiently and effectively as possible. For example, fire control computer systems store street plans, details of high risk buildings and the latest information on hazardous materials. This ensures that as soon as an emergency call is received - whether a fire, chemical spillage or road traffic accident - our staff can immediately assess what appliances are required to attend.

On arriving at a fire, firefighters have to make a very quick assessment of the situation. As materials used in homes and factories change, so does the way a fire is tackled. A house fire may require two fire engines as well as thousands of litres of water and foam, plus the use of specialist equipment. Emergency Call Handlers can help by making assessments according to the information received from callers and sending additional and specialist support.

Firefighters carry personal radio sets to keep them in contact with their colleagues at the scene and back in the control room. Staff can access information regarding known hazards at incidents and have advice ready for firefighters when needed.