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Initial Training

If you are successfully recruited in to the role you will undergo initial training. Every new Emergency Call Handler, whatever their educational achievements, receive the same basic training consisting of technical, practical and theoretical work. Following the initial training new staff will join their watch, where further consolidation training is needed before being considered out of the training and in development phase.

The purpose of the training is to provide the underpinning knowledge, skills and attitudes required and you will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in a supportive environment. Your progress will be continuously monitored and written, oral and practical examinations and tests will have to be passed at regular intervals. In order to successfully complete the course, certain levels of competence will have to be reached in a number of areas.

Having completed the basic training, you will become a responsible member of a close-knit and well-organised team. While there is a reliance on teamwork, there is plenty of scope for individual potential to be realised and your career path to be developed. Training will continue until you become a competent Emergency Call Handler and is a daily feature of working in the control room. Effective and regular training will be essential for the proper performance of your duties. Some training courses that you will undertake are compulsory.

Training throughout your career

We offer continuous in-house training to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest equipment and specialist techniques. After promotion, you will have the opportunity to participate in courses aimed at your particular needs, identified during your development.

Promotion and longer term career prospects

A wide range of other development opportunities exists, including assistance with study for promotion and sponsorship for qualifications that are relevant to your work.