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Older Driver Workshops

Our Older Driver Workshops are free, in person sessions designed for those over 65 and currently driving, to help you keep driving safely for longer. We discuss how driving can become more challenging as we get older, and what simple checks we can do at home to keep ourselves fit to drive.

This interactive, two-hour session covers the following topics:

  • Age-related changes when driving
  • Eyesight and driving
  • Conducting a vehicle check
  • License renewal
  • Signs to be aware of
  • Alternatives to driving

Please note our Older Driver Workshop does not include a supervised drive. All activities and discussion occur at the venue and refreshments are provided.

Older driver workshops in 2024:

  • Chatteris Fire Station: Tuesday June 25 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • Huntingdon Fire Station: Thursday July 4 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • Stanground Fire Station: Wednesday July 10 - 1pm until 3pm
  • Whittlesey Town Council (8 Queen Street, Peterborough PE7 1AY): Friday July 12 – 1pm until 3pm
  • Huntingdon Fire Station: Tuesday July 16 – 10am - 12 pm - FULL
  • Huntingdon Fire Station: Tuesday July 16 – 1pm - 3pm - FULL
  • Cambridge Fire Station: Wednesday July 17 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • Sawston Fire Station: Thursday July 18 – 10am until 12pm
  • Sawston Fire Station: Thursday July 18 - 1pm until 3pm
  • Stanground Fire Station: Thursday September 5 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • Cambridge Fire Station: Tuesday September 10 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • March Fire Station: Thursday September 12 – 1pm until 3pm
  • Cambridge Fire Station: Tuesday September 15 - 1pm until 3pm
  • Yaxley Fire Station: Wednesday September 18 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • Sawston Fire Station: Tuesday September 24 – 1pm until 3pm - FULL
  • Cambridge Fire Station: Thursday 26 September – 10am until 12pm
  • Cambridge Fire Station: Thursday 26 September – 1pm until 3pm
  • Soham Town Rangers Football Club: Tuesday October 1 - 1pm until 3pm
  • Cambridge Fire Station: Thursday October 3 – 1pm until 3pm
  • Fire service Headquarters, Huntingdon: Monday October 7 – 1pm until 3pm
  • Sawston Fire Station: Tuesday October 8 – 1pm – 3pm

*Please note that we can host up to 15 attendees for most workshops. Book early now to avoid disappointment.

To book, please email with your name(s), email address, contact phone number and which workshop you would like to attend.

Please note we are receiving high volumes of requests to attend our workshops, which we are working through. If you have messaged us recently but have not heard from us yet, please bear with us, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

If there isn’t a workshop in your area and you would like to attend, please see our FAQs below.

Advice for older drivers

If you are unable to make a workshop, or would like more advice on driving in later age, please visit the older drivers forum at for lots of helpful information and advice.


Who is the workshop for?

Our workshops are designed for those aged 65 and over who are still currently driving. We will accept those aged under 65 if they are accompanying a driver over 65, for instance husband, wife, partner, parent, friend.

Where are the workshops held?

They are held at various locations across Cambridgeshire. If you’d like a workshop in your area, please contact us.

How long do the workshops last?

The workshops last for two hours, including a break for refreshments which are provided.

What if there isn’t a workshop in my area?

Please contact us using the email address if you’d like to attend a workshop but there are none listed in your area. We regularly arrange new workshops depending on demand in an area.

Can you arrange a workshop for my group?

If you’re a member of a group and would like us to come and run a workshop for you, please get in touch using our email address.

Is there a driving assessment?

Absolutely not! The workshop is based around group discussion and practical tips you can complete yourself at home. There is no need to drive to the venue, and you will not be “assessed” at any point during the workshop.